Getting Ready

Preparing for the inspection

For the Buyer

  • It is always recommended that the buyer be present at the inspection.  Try to arrange your schedule to be there if at all possible.
  • It is important that the utilities are on at the time of the inspection and full access to the property is available.  Typically your realtor would be able to verify this.
  • If you have questions or concerns about the property, make a list and give this to the inspector when you meet.  This can help the inspector to focus on the information you need.
  • Read and sign the Inspection Agreement prior to the inspection. We provide the option to do this online to make it easier. Contact us for an electronically signable copy if you have not yet received one.
  • Please arrange payment at the time of the inspection or prior to it.

For Sellers and Real Estate Agents

The buyer has put in an offer on the house and it has been accepted. Your help is now needed for a successful inspection. These items should be addressed prior to the inspection:

  • Make sure all areas are unlocked, such as closets, storage rooms, electrical panel, gates, etc. The inspector will need access to all areas of the property.
  • Please ensure that all utilities are on. If the house has been vacated, sometimes utilities have been turned off, preventing some aspects from being tested.
  • Remove obstacles or barriers to areas that will be needed for the inspection, particularly attic accesses, Crawl space accesses.
  • If there are any items that are unusual, hard to find, difficult to operate or need special knowledge, please leave written instructions to minimize confusions and problems with the inspection.
  • If you are aware of anything that is not working properly and should not be tested or operated as it will cause a problem, please ensure this is made known.
  • If you know of a problem but it will not be repaired by the time of the inspection, please don’t cover it over or try to conceal it to “make the house look better”. It is far better to just make these known and leave them exposed for inspection. The buyer will appreciate your honesty and it will make the inspector’s job easier.
  • Please make sure that any pets are taken care of and won’t interfere with the inspection, or worse yet, aren’t likely to run away. It is important to do what is needed to ensure the pets and guests are safe. More than once I have been on an inspection where the agent had to go off chasing down the street after some errant cat or dog. I have also been unable to enter the back yard on occasion because Fido had a particularly mean gleam in his eye (that, and the snarling with bared teeth).
  • It is not uncommon for you to be asked make plans to be away from the home during the inspection, to allow the buyers, inspector and all concerned feel free to roam unrestricted and to view the house without being uncomfortable – worrying about the occupant’s privacy or feeling like they are intruding. If you choose to (or must) remain, please allow the inspector to do his job undisturbed. Although it is still your house, the inspector is working for the buyer and will need to focus on his job to provide a good inspection. The inspector will do his best to respect your belongings and leave things as they were found.