Insurance Inspections


If you are new to Florida, or new to home-buying in this area, you may not be familiar with inspections that are required by the Insurance companies.  Florida Insurance companies would like to know what type of risk is involved when insuring your home, and depending on certain conditions, discounts are available based on the condition and nature of construction.  There are two types of inspections used primarily to accomplish this:

Wind Mitigation Inspection: A Wind Mitigation inspection is designed to determine the structural ability of the home to withstand the forces a high wind event. A standard form is filled out detailing several aspects, including roofing, roof structure and attachment, exterior opening protection (windows, doors), and whether the structure was built to newer or older standards. Upgrades to the home can be done that will improve it’s risk in a wind storm, such as installing wind and wind-borne debris resistant doors and windows, or approved shutters.

Four Point Inspection:  This inspection is limited to four main systems – Heating/Air, Roof, Electrical, and Plumbing.  This  is an assessment of the general system conditions in order to have a better grasp of what they are insuring, including safety hazards, evident failures, and items that are at the end of or past their expected life.  This is not as detailed as a standard Home Inspection and does not take the place of one.

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