My Home Inspection Found Problems!

House DamageHome buyers are sometimes shocked and dismayed when the inspection finds problems with the house they are considering purchasing. After all, they want everything to be perfect.

Home Inspectors and Realtors have a maxim: “There is no such thing as a perfect house.”

I believe expectation has a lot to do with it. While there is no arguing that some houses have significant issues that are a complete surprise, I find that it is helpful if home buyers approach the inspection expecting to have problems turn up. In buying a home, one has to be aware of the fact that there will be things that need repair, replacement, or correction. In my mind it is simply a matter of degree, and your level of tolerance – or what is acceptable to you and what you are willing to deal with. Perceived value has a lot to do with it as well.

I have inspected homes needing tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, only to have the buyer smile and shake my hand and buy the house without hesitation. I have had other homebuyers balk at a few minor problems in an otherwise excellent house.

In the final analysis – yes, there will be problems, but it’s all about perspective.  What amount are you willing to deal with? Is the seller offering to repair those items needing it? Are there problems that you simply cannot accept? Are these truly important issues, or just things that are typical to any home? Are you making a big deal out of nothing? And is the value there despite any problems uncovered?

Don’t buy a money pit if you aren’t ready to invest the time and money. But don’t let a relatively small issue scare you away from your dream home.

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