Thank you for the unbelievably thorough inspection and report. Your efforts were really appreciated, particularly given the heat and wind we were experiencing yesterday. I would feel confident in recommending you to anyone in need of a house inspection. Being that I am in a related field, I know how challenging it is to keep all the survey standards in mind and then apply them in the built environment. It is even more challenging when you have parties from “both sides” of a transaction present wanting you to give your analysis or opinions on matters beyond the survey scope.

Additionally, in your line of work. you need to walk the fine line between: (1) informing your clients of the actual condition Of a property and (2) not ticking off brokers who want a sale to go through. Yesterday, you walked that line to perfection. I think the brokers knew that you were professional, straight and honest while your report was enough to let even a modestly informed consumer determine what needed to be examined. In addition, your professional demeanor was superb …

I have run projects where we had up to 30 surveyors looking at properties in multiple states and I know a top level field surveyor and analyst when I meet one.

Again, thank you for your work and thoroughness.”    – A. G.

“Thanks so much David! I have to tell you that I am really impressed with you, I work with a ton of buyers and I will definitely recommend you in the future. And you have a great personality too, which makes it much more fun.”   – A. T.

“Just wanted to tell you – David Hamilton came and did the physical inspection for us …. We were all very happy with his meticulous inspection and overview comments. The report was delivered as promised even though we were in the middle of the year-end holidays, Thank You Very much, We would not hesitate using David again.”  – A. J.

“David was very accurate and checked everything that should have been checked in a home inspection. He did not rush and went through the home with my client after he was through with the inspection. He was very friendly and I would highly recommend him to any of my clients or anyone else for that matter. Thanks David!!! ”  -J. J.


“Excellent service in every aspect. Returned phone calls promptly, showed up on time as scheduled, pleasant and personable, knowledgeable and very thorough. David called me after he completed his inspection and gave me a brief overview of the inspection results. Report returned in less than 24 hours and was more detailed than I had expected. David has given me the information I needed to make an informed decision on whether to buy this house or not. I had hoped there would be fewer issues with the house than David observed but far better to know what I’m getting into ahead of time than finding them out on my own week after week once the house is purchased. I have a difficult decision to make now, but one decision I will make again is to hire David Hamilton if I need any future inspections (in case I don’t buy this house I’ll still be looking). I highly recommend David Hamilton if you are in need of a home inspector.”
– C.K., August 2016

What a breath of fresh air! Buying a house you know nothing about can be scary business. I recently had two inspections. In both cases the inspector was professional, thorough and friendly. He took extra time and care explain details and answer questions and the reports were delivered just as promised! I will be recommending these guys a lot! – T.S.